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Oriental Fragrance Collection


An exotic fragrance with rich notes of musk, vanilla bean and earthy spices.

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Tantalise the senses with Oriental Fragrance Family collection products from Angel Aromatics in Australia, NSW. Our vegan-friendly offerings use high-quality essential oils and fragrance in their manufacture, and we never test on animals for added peace of mind in your purchase. Angel Aromatics Oriental Fragrance Family collection products contain no parabens or phthalates, making them a potentially safer choice for home and personal fragrance. No matter if you want the heady scent of Oriental perfumes or something lighter or deeper, Angel Aromatics has products to suit your style.

What Is the Oriental Fragrance Family?

Exotic herbs and spices sit at the heart of our Oriental Fragrance Family collection, and these include cistis and vanilla. Other notes include amber, resins and wood that add warmth and sensuality to blended scents. Heady musks with flamboyant profiles typically get softened with amber for a more balanced aroma, while coffee, chocolate, cinnamon and anise provide an enticingly delicious finish. Subfamilies of Oriental fragrances include citrus amber, floriental and Oriental gourmand perfumes.

What Are Oriental Fragrances Commonly Used For?

Both women's and men's fragrance lines use Oriental perfumes in their manufacture, but due to their spicy and powdery notes, they're especially prized for men and wintertime wear. For example, soft Oriental fragrances include formulations with floral, incense and spicy notes for a feminine feel, while woody Oriental perfumes, such as patchouli and sandalwood blended with spicy and sweet elements, complement men. Many of the ingredients in Oriental fragrances are also used for other purposes besides scenting yourself or your home, including medicine and gourmet cooking.

What Are the Best Oriental Perfumes?

The best Oriental perfumes depend on where you wish to use the fragrances. Our Oriental candles offer a room-filling scent that brings warmth to your space, while our Blooming Pink Suede candles provide the more subtle scent of peonies and roses over white musk and soft suede. Reed diffusers in both fragrances provide up to 12 months of aromatic pleasure, while home sprays help you spread a rich, opulent scent throughout your space. To create your own personalised blends, use our Oriental and Blooming Pink Suede fragrance oils with a carrier oil, soap or lotion bases.

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