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Fragrance Families



Romantic and full boded, Our floral fragrance capture the aroma of freshly cut fllowers. The delicate aroma of peonies, Rich perfume of rose and sweetpea will evoke memories of spring.

floral-fragrance-blooming-pink-suede       floral-fragrance-rose

floral-fragrance-bergamot-peonies      floral-fragrance-champagne-peony

floral-fragrance-peony-bellini       floral-fragrance-sweet-pea-violet



Sweet and crisp, luscious watermelon, fresh berries, succulent white peaches and zesty limes. Perfect fragrances for Summer.


fruity-fragrance-coconut-kaffir-lime       fruity-fragrance-lemon-lime-blossom

fruity-fragrance-orange       fruity-fragrance-french-pear

fruity-fragrances       fruity-fragrances

fruity-fragrance-watermelon       fruity-fragrance-peaches


A light and clean refreshing scent. Cool citrus, green leaves and fragrant fougere are light and crisp on our senses.

fresh-fragrance-beach       fresh-coconut-kaffir-lime

fresh-fragrance-cotton       Fresh-lemon-lime-blossom

 sea-salt-fresh-fragrance       fresh-fragrance-peach


An exotic fragrance with rich notes of musk, vanilla bean and earthy spices.

musk-fragrance       musk-fragrance-oriental



Deep and warm fragrances embodied with earthy spices, wood sage, vanilla bean and sandalwood.

 woody-fragrance-annan       woody-fragrance-amber-pachouli

Woody-fragrance-blue-agave       woody-fragrance-seasalt


Deliciously decadent, with notes of vanilla, coconut, praline and indulgent caramel. Treat yourself without the guilt.

gourmand-fragrance-annan       gourmand-fragrance-french-pear

woody-fragrance-vanilla       woody-fragrance-vanilla-coconut


If you are out there searching for fragrance, you may find it challenging to decide where to get started. There are so many scents and if you are familiar with the various notes, it may be overwhelming to choose the kind of scents you want. That’s where our guide to the fragrance wheel, as well as scent families, comes in. Most likely, you have smelled at least one of the many scent families in life – whether it’s in the decadent aromas of the kitchen, relaxing scented suds in your bathroom, or the sweet flowers in nature. 

What is the Fragrance Wheel?

When it comes to scent families, the fragrance wheel is a roundish diagram displaying the various kinds of scent families and their subfamilies. Scents are classed according to the differences and similarities to indicate their relationship with each other. Scent groups bordering each other in the fragrance wheel tend to share some common olfactory features whilst the ones further apart from each other are less related in features. 

Michael Edwards is the man behind the fragrance wheel. He developed the iconic classification system of scent families in 1983 to help retailers recommend or suggest perfumes to their consumers in an easier manner. Today, his guide is universally acknowledged as the “bible” of fragrances. Within each family, there is a prominent scent but in subfamilies, they comprise blended versions of the fragrances. 

What are the Types of Scent Families?

There are four main categories of scent families namely: Oriental, Woody, Floral, and Fresh. Each of these families has their own subfamilies. When you refer to a scent family, it’s a class of scents with distinctive characteristics. 

  • Oriental - subfamilies include soft oriental, oriental, and woody oriental
  • Woody - subfamilies include woods, mossy moods, and dry woods
  • Floral - subfamilies include fruity, floral, soft-floral, and floral oriental 
  • Fresh - subfamilies include aromatic, citrus, water, and green  

People tend to be inclined towards a particular scent family over another when selecting personal fragrances. Therefore, even before you head to shop for fragrances, it is crucial that you identify which scent family you are most attracted to. Most products label the scent family, but it’s important you determine the components making up the fragrance. Experts on scents can tell the family or subfamily of perfume just by one sniff. 

How to Combine Scents?

Just like colours, it’s possible to have fragrance families that go together. Using the scent wheel can make it easy to discover what fragrance families can go together. The fragrance sub-families found side by side within the fragrance wheel most likely tend to blend well. It’s also possible to select a subfamily and find out which note is found across from it within the fragrance or scent wheel. The notes across show that they are complementary to each other. When you look at soft oriental, you find that it complements citrus. Also, looking at oriental, you see that it complements water. 

Lastly, you can pick three subfamilies of fragrances that form a triangle within the fragrance wheel. Looking at these, you see that they tend to complement one another nicely.  If, for example, you love floral oriental notes, you can check for a scent containing mossy as well as water notes. 

What are the Scent Families for Men?

Fresh scent family is the one common in men’s fragrances and it comprises clean bright scents. Think of oceanic and citrusy or herby scents. The subfamilies in the fresh scent family are water or aquatic scents, aromatic, green, and citrus including tangy and zesty notes. Common fresh family notes include sage, bergamot, patchouli, white rose, sweet lime blossom, and grapefruit. 

What are the Scent Families for Women?

Floral scents tend to be used in fragrances for women, though you may occasionally find them being used in men’s fragrances. Think of floral scents – they smell like fresh-cut flowers for example rose, jasmine, orange blossom, or lily. Also consider fruity scents that are sweet, edible as well as tropical for example pear, apple, and peach. All these are mostly found in women’s fragrances.  

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