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Balmain Store: 21 Mullens Street NSW


We are a boutique Australian made company with a huge history, we were established in 1993

We are all about fragrancing your home with scents that make a house your home.  We create candles, diffusers, home sprays, oils, scented home décor and much more.  Consumers no longer want that clinical smell to scent their home.  If you are looking for Fruity, Floral, Woody or Gourmand fragrances we have you covered.  We are much more than a company that sells candles

Our signature fragrance Annan is trademarked and can only be purchased from us, this fragrance had its 21st birthday recently and has a cult following! We have a huge range of fragrances to choose from but 60% of all our sales are Annan fragranced.  You will never understand the love for Annan until you try it for yourself.

We have 18 top fragrances to choose from across our candles, reed diffusers and home sprays but if 18 is not enough we also have more than 60 different fragrance oils.

Our waxes are 100% natural, phthalate free, paraben free and vegan friendly. 

 Why range our Oils? They are a blend of essential oils and fragrance, they are 100% fragrance and not diluted, we have over 60 fragances to choose from. What we love about the oils is that if you still can’t find the exact right scent you can combine them and create your own and use them in an oil burner or oil diffuser.

Your first order will require to hit $500 after the first order there is no minimum spend.  We are always innovating and hope you love our new products but it is always up to you if you take on any additional new lines.

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Why range our Reed Diffusers and Refills? Firstly, yes we have refills! we know not everyone stocks refills but our consumers really appreciate that we have them available.  We have 19 fragrances to choose from so a huge range. Our jars are also shaped like a perfume bottle and are perfect for bathrooms and narrow window sills as they are often used to scent bathrooms and ensuites. We also offer black or natural reeds, to give that extra choice, we are crushing on the black.

Why range our Candles? Our large glass candles are 470g and they have 3 lead free wicks, the benefit of 3 wicks is to create an amazing scent throw that fills a room.  They are all natural, vegan friendly, phthalate free, paraben free candles.  The packaging was created with gifting in mind, we also have the option add a love note in our candles for that special touch and to create a point of difference.

Have you seen our Timber Curls? These are trademarked and only available from Angel Aromatics.  We cut, dye and fragrance these. The modern take on potpourri, creates a pop of colour in your store and the customers home and creates a continuous fragrance.  We have been told by stockists that when they receive their Angel Aromatics order their store smells amazing and attracts customers to their store. We also have this said to us about our balsawood flowers

Why stock our Balsa Wood Flowers? Creates a pop of colour in your store and customers home and creates continuous fragrance. The flowers can be ordered scented or unscented, when scented they will fill your store with fragrance! We have been told by stockists that when they receive their Angel Aromatics order their store smells amazing and attracts customers to their store. We also have this said to us about our timber curls

Why range our Home Spray? Our Home Sprays match our beautiful candle and diffuser fragrances and definitely don’t have that clinical/ clean your bathroom scent to them. You will want to spray your store with these and the customer will be spraying their entire home.  We have a scent for everyone, citrus, floral, woody and gourmand.

Why range Pooch Sprays! Yes,  Eau De Toilette fragrance for those loved pooch’s When we opened our own store in Balmain last year we found dogs forcing their owners into our store, they love our fragrances!! So we developed 4 fragrances just for them, fragrances that dogs love and are safe to spray on their coats, bedding and around the home.

Why range our Sleep Better Pillow Spray? We developed 2 pillow sprays, one that is lavender based for those people that love Lavender and know that Lavender helps them feel relaxed and our other fragrance Dream is our favourite a blend of sandalwood and patchouli tempered with sage and eucalyptus.

Haven’t convinced you yet? Well… fill out the form and gain wholesale access to see our wholesale pricing or contact us on (02) 9588 4477 to have a catalogue mailed out to you and have a chat 😊