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Fruity Fragrance Collection


Sweet and crisp, luscious watermelon, fresh berries, succulent white peaches and zesty limes. Perfect fragrances for Summer.

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Delight the senses with items from Angel Aromatic's Fruity Fragrance Family collection. Whether you prefer candles, reed diffusers, concentrated oils or sprays, our fruity perfumes come in various forms to best suit your lifestyle. Additionally, we carry fruity perfumes for the body that help you smell your best any time.

What Is the Fruity Fragrance Family Collection?

Angel Aromatic's Fruity Fragrance Family Collection offers a perfectly balanced scent that enhances without overwhelming. Handcrafted in Australia, our products utilise natural ingredients, contain no parabens and aren't tested on animals for ethical fragrances that enhance your home's ambience. Additionally, we carry vegan-friendly personal products with no parabens and phthalates for the fragrance you can feel good about.

What Are Fruity Fragrance Collection Products Used For?

Choose 100% natural wax candles to refresh your room in a flash or select reed diffusers for up to 12 months of ambient fruity perfume. Home sprays make it simple to add a blast of the fragrance before company arrives, while concentrated oils work well for freshening carpeting, potpourri and linens. Hand and body wash plus body lotion imbued with the best fruity perfumes let you immerse yourself in the best fruity perfumes so you always smell delicious.

What Are the Best Fruity Smelling Perfumes?

Angel Aromatics curates the best fruity-smelling perfumes for our products, with many containing triple-scented formulations for deep, intense fragrance. Create an enticing aura with the crisp citrus notes of orange blossom reed diffusers, or bring some sweetness to your space with the pure scent of watermelon and wild apple. Parisian pear candles warm your space with fruit, vanilla and star anise, while blue agava and berries home spray delivers rich vanilla and musk undertones for a sensual experience. Coconut and kaffir lime add a tropical touch to your space for a fresh holiday feel.

Do Fruity Fragrances Have a Sweet Smell?

Many of our Fruity Fragrance Family collection products have sweet overtones and undertones. Choose peony and Bellini reed diffusers to infuse your space with floral, fruity goodness, or select coconut and vanilla gift sets with body wash and lotion to extend the tasty sweetness to your person. Pomegranate oil blended with iris imbues your room with a fruity perfume and delicious sweetness.

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