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NEW Car Diffuser Hamper-Car Diffuser-Angel Aromatics
NEW Car Diffuser Pink Leather With Rose Gold Zinc Alloy-Car Diffuser-Angel Aromatics
NEW Car Diffuser Hamper-Car Diffuser-Angel Aromatics

NEW Car Diffuser Hamper

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Car diffuser in black Leather with brushed silver zinc alloy or Pink Leather with shiny rose gold  zinc alloy is the perfect way to scent your car (or wardrobe & drawers). It has a clip on the back to clip onto your car vent. This is not only an air freshener but also an air purifier. Check out the benefits of using a car diffuser.

Included in pack

  • Car diffuser black or pink zinc alloy
  • 2 tablets - 1 to go straight into your car diffuser, the other a refill
  • 1 x 15ml fragrance diffuser oil (select the scent from the dropdown box) dropper included
  • Matching Room Spray 
  • Scented flowers
  • Packaged in a Luxe hamper box


  • Product Dimension Diameter 40mm x H 45 mm
  • Depth of the clip - 30mm


  • Remove the car diffuser, lift the cardboard from the base of the box. Inside you'll discover two refill tablets, 15ml fragrance bottle, and a glass dropper. These are  the components you'll need to set up the car diffuser.
  • To add your fragrance open your magnetic car diffuser by detaching the top and base of the car diffuser by pulling it apart.
  • Open one of the refill tablet packets. Be sure to save the other packet for future use if you want to  change fragrances later on.
  • Apply the fragrance onto the tablet by using the fragrance bottle and the dropper provided. Please ensure you place the tablet on a non porous surface while adding your fragrance. Repeat this process a few times to ensure the tablet is thoroughly soaked with fragrance. Set aside making sure the fragrance has soaked through the tablet.
  • Place the tablet inside the base of the car diffuser. Reattach the top of the car diffuser by placing it back onto the base and allowing the magnet to secure them together. Your car diffuser is now ready to use. Simply insert the back clip of the diffuser into one of the air vents inside your car. As air passes through the vent,  it will carry the fragrance from the car diffuser throughout your vehicle. As the fragrance diminishes you can keep topping up with your fragrance bottle.

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