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Why should you stock our scented candles at your business? Increasingly, people are finding the benefits of using fragrance in their homes and in the places where they work. The popularity of these products among people from all walks of life makes them a great addition to any type of business. Retail stores, boutiques, hotels, hair salons, homeware stores, veterinarian offices, and gift shops are just some of the types of businesses that add scented candles to their range, and our selection of wholesale candles represents a great way for your business to do the same.

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What’s different about Angel Aromatics? Fragrance does more than smell good; it can affect your mood, motivate, and uplift you. The reason you see candles in so many stores is that people use them to create a happier atmosphere in their homes. But it’s the quality of the fragrance that sets the wholesale candles and diffusers from Angel Aromatics apart from the rest.            100% natural waxes for

Our candles only contain the safety your customers can feel good about. Each candle is vegan friendly and contains no phthalates or parabens. We also use 3 lead free wicks to release more fragrance in the room at one time. Our generous 470g size gives long lasting fragrance that will last and last.

Everyone has their own taste in fragrances. At Angel Aromatics, you can choose from our 20 top fragrances in addition to more than 60 others. You can even mix our products to create unique fragrances of your own. Try our signature fragrance Annan for a unique sweet, earthy scent that you and your customers can’t get enough of. When you display our candles in your business, you have the added benefit of making your store smell wonderful. This way, customers already know what they’re getting before they make a purchase. 

Offer more options with our wholesale diffuser oils and soy wax melts The wholesale diffuser oils we sell use a 100% blend of essential oils and fragrance, crafting a fragrance that remains strong and is long lasting. Unlike candles, diffusers last a long time and give you the opportunity to try a range of fragrant oils. Some customers prefer diffusers over candles because they don’t burn. Diffusers might make a subtle addition to any décor or be kept out of the way to add an air of mystery to any setting.


When you buy reed diffusers and a choice of refill oil wholesale from Angel Aromatics, you give your customers even more choices to try a variety of our popular fragrances. They make great gifts for any occasion and are a delightful addition to any home! Even the packaging is made with giving in mind.

Soy wax melts are cubes of scented wax that you can burn in an oil burner. Like fragrant candles, many of these products are diluted down so that they don’t provide the strong scent that many users want.

Our wax melts are made from 100% natural soy wax and are triple scented with the maximum scent throw. A single block provides up to 70 hours of scent. The quality and range of fragrances make our soy wax melts more appealing than other brands. Buy yours at wholesale prices when you become a stockist with Angel Aromatics. 

Few products have the ability to sell themselves. Our products let your customers see and smell what they’re getting before they make a purchase. We also have refills, so your customers will keep coming back to you for more. We offer a range of scented candles, diffusers, home sprays, oils, hand and body products, scented home décor, gift items, and more that uplift any home with fragrance!

Contact Angel Aromatics an Australian made and owned business for more information on pricing for your business or request for wholesale here. If you prefer, call us on (02) 9555 9613 to request a catalogue by mail. We’re here to answer any of your questions about our wholesale supplies.