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Zodiac Candles


Zodiac candles are designed and themed around the 12 zodiac signs. Each star sign is associated with specific scents and characteristics. Many people use zodiac candles as a way to connect with their astrological sign and to harness the energy and qualities associated with their sign. Some people may also choose to light their zodiac candle during meditation. 

Gifting a zodiac-themed candle can be a fun and thoughtful way to acknowledge someone's unique qualities and interests, and show them that you care about them on a deeper level.

Our zodiac candles can also include a rose quartz gemstone that is often associated with love and healing.


In candles, rose quartz gemstones are typically used as a way to enhance the energy of the candle and to promote emotional healing and balance. It is believed that the energy of the rose quartz can help to attract love, compassion, and forgiveness into one's life. It is the stone that is known to help people with problems in expressing their emotions.

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