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How to Use Scent Marketing for Retail Businesses

Scent has the power to influence our mood. It can inspire, energise, or even calm the mind. The right scents can enhance any atmosphere, creating a space that people want to be in, which is exactly what you want for your retail store.

When you use fragrance in your store, you can elevate the shopping experience for your customers, giving them a positive impression of your business and encouraging them to browse in your shop for longer – and to buy more.

Are you ready to motivate your shoppers with scent marketing? Retail businesses across Australia, from automotive showrooms to clothing brands, are leveraging scent to boost their sales. Find out how scent marketing for retail brands works and what scents may be perfect for your store.

What is retail scent marketing?

Scent marketing is the use of aroma to enhance the in-store experience. Retail brands will use specific scents to create a desired atmosphere in their stores, such as citrus scents to create an uplifting feel or comforting woody scents and spice to help put shoppers in the mood to indulge themselves. Some brands stick with a signature scent to help cultivate an instantly recognisable feel whenever a customer walks into their store.

Why do retailers use scent?

Scent marketing in Australia is becoming an important part of the overall retail experience. When you use scent to express the tone and feel of your brand, you can form a deeper, more emotional connection with your customers.

Shoppers do react to the store atmosphere. The music, the way different colours interact in your store, lighting, and scent all come together to create an emotive experience for your customers – whether they realise it or not. It’s up to retail business owners to understand the impact atmospheric elements can have on the consumer to drive a certain type of experience for buyers.

When you use scent as part of your marketing strategy, you can help your customers feel good when engaging with your brand. This can make them want to stay in your store for longer and encourage them to purchase more than they would without scent.

When people feel good, they’re more likely to buy, and to want to return to your store in the future. Because of the positive impact using fragrances can have, scent marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy when your goal is to create a great customer experience.

Which scents should retailers use?

The right scents for your retail store will depend on your brand and who your target buyers are.

According to one study, women prefer sweeter scents like vanilla whilst men prefer rose-based aromatics. The same study found that shoppers of each gender stayed in stores with ambient scents 50% longer than stores without any fragrance.

For a light, fun ambience, ideal for clothing or makeup brands aimed at young female buyers, consider scent combinations like Vanilla and Coconut or Watermelon and Wild Apple. Stores geared toward male shoppers could deploy scents that combine gentle woody notes like sandalwood masculine scents like bergamot and citrus, such as our Sea Salt and Bergamot blend, which combines bergamot and sandalwood with sea salt and green leaves.

Another approach is to choose scents that are right for your industry. For example, high-end retail brands would benefit from luxury scents like our intriguing Oriental. Or, for stores that sell kitchen wares, think delectable scents like Parisian Pear.

You can try different scents and see how your shoppers react. Whether you want to be strategic by choosing scents that will evoke a certain state of mind, or if you are looking for aromatics that will appeal to your typical buyer, we have a wide range of fragrance products that can help you create the perfect ambience for your store. Browse our selection of beautiful reed diffusers, fragrance sprays, and more or contact us today to learn more about our scents.