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How to make your home smell like a 5 Star hotel

How amazing is it when you enter a Hotel and they have their own signature scent, everywhere you go in that Hotel you can smell that consistent scent?  Then every time you head back to that same Hotel you get a sense of returning to a place that is so familiar, and instantly brings back memories of a fond holiday you may have taken.

Are you wanting your house to give you a sense of returning home too? With the added bonus of smelling exactly like a 5 star Hotel? Well here are some tips of the fragrances that 5 star Hotels like to use


Hotel Fragrances are usually one of 3 notes woody, citrus or vanilla based. Hotels opting for Fragrances with woody notes are wanting to create a warmth, that cosy homey feel but with that Hotel flare. Examples of Woody fragrances are Sandalwood, Amber, Musk and Cedar. 

If opting for a Home Fragrance that has Citrus notes you are wanting that fresh crisp smell, particularly amazing for those summer months. Examples of Citrus fragrances are Orange, Lemon, Lime, Peach, Watermelon or if wanting a holiday feeling Citrus fragrance add Coconut and immediately it gives you that sense of being on holidays. 

Vanilla base scents are giving that foody gourmand experience and another way of creating a feeling of being at Home when staying at a Hotel, this is a sweeter option.

Now to ensure that you have your home smelling of Fragrance no matter where you are in your house.  Time to layer your fragrances with different options available. For continuous fragrance you can use décor balsawood products, balsawood decor hold fragrance really well and once sprayed can last up to 3 months, then continue to spray them every 3 months for that continuous fragrance. There are also Home/ Room Sprays that can be sprayed as air fresheners throughout your house, particularly good for bathrooms.  Electric Diffusers are amazing, with ¾ water and a few drops of diffuser oil you can diffuse your home with fragrance for up to 12 hours a day, amazing way to scent your home. There are also Reed Diffusers available, with these the fragrance shoots up the reeds and creates continuous fragrance also, whenever you can no longer smell the scent you simply turn the reeds over and the scent then travels back up the reeds, a reed diffuser can last up to 12 months.  The prettiest way to scent your home is of course scented candles, nothing like a flickering light especially at night to give you a 5 star Hotel feel. When using some or all of the different home fragrance options you are sure to have your entire home scented with your very own scent that when you have guests over will forever be commenting on how beautiful your home smells and how they know they have arrived at your home as soon as they smell that scent.  You have now created your own signature scent and have turned any house into a welcoming home that also smells just like any 5 star hotel you have ever stayed in.


If you are opting for the Woody notes fragrance option we have a few fragrance options in Reed Diffusers, Candles, Home Sprays and Diffuser Oil.  Our Amber and Patchouli Fragrance - Amber and earthy patchouli with touches of decedent vanilla and warm bergamot will evoke memories of heading home to your winter retreat.  Blue Agava and Berries - This fragrance is a rich blend of Lime, Blue Agave and berries. Combined with vanilla bean and musk notes. Musk is the base note which sits this fragrance in the woody family however also has Vanilla and Citrus notes so a true all rounder fragrance, we also find this fragrance is a hit with men and women so a great unisex option. Bergamot and Peonies - Warm bergamot and amber, tempered with a mix of peonies and rose with a base note of vanilla and musk.

Citrus fragrances we have available in Reed Diffusers, Candles, Home Sprays and Diffuser Oils are Lemon Lime and Blossom - A full bodied mix of sweet lime blossoms, white rose and lightly twisted lemon to evoke fine memories of spring. Orange Blossom - A crisp citrus aroma, capturing the full essence of orange blossom.  Watermelon & Wild Apple - This fruity fragrance captures a light crisp scent of watermelon and wild apple with notes of green leaves, strawberries and citrus. Coconut & Kaffir Lime - Full bodied lime blossoms with a twist of lemon and coconut water. White Peach Sorbet - Sweet and crisp notes of white peach blossoms with a hint of green fig and cranberries, creating a refreshing sorbet scent.


Finally in the Gourmand Vanilla Notes fragrance we have the following fragrances available again in Reed Diffusers, Candles, Home Sprays and Diffuser Oils. Vanilla - A classic blended aroma of warm sweet vanilla with subtle notes of wood spice and amber. Vanilla and Coconut - A delicious mix of velvety smooth vanilla and decadent rich coconut.  Also, our very own signature fragrance Annan which is the perfect background fragrance for any home and can be included in the Woody, Gourmand and Citrus family - Our signature fragrance enriched with sweet and earthy spices. Blends of vanilla bean and embodied with exotic fruits.


We mentioned Balswood Décor products earlier, we have these available also as well as our Timber Curls which are a modern day potpourri and can also be sprayed with fragrance to give you continuous fragrance in your home. Use the Diffuser Oil or Refresher sprays to spray onto the décor products, also available. 

For all your fragrance needs to make your home smell like a little bit of paradise and a place to unwind and relax, shop our full range of candles and reed diffusers or home fragrances today.