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Hidden Message Candles

Create your own hidden message in the candle. Add an element of surprise, anticipation, and intrigue to the act of candle burning. It can be used as a creative gift or a playful way to convey a hidden message or surprise to someone.

Choose one of our examples e.g HAPPY ANNIVERSARY or customise your hidden message e.g CHLOE HAPPY 21ST.

hidden-message-candle-australia  personalised-candle-hidden-message
Secret message candles are often used for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations where the recipient can enjoy the gradual revelation of the hidden message while enjoying the candle's warm glow. 
This candle can be personalised on the front of the candle with a name or short message, you also choose the candle jar, lid colour, font and fragrance. You are creating a truly bespoke gift.

The message will reveal itself in the form of letter beads and will be seen in the first hour of burning. Once the candle continues to burn down and enjoyed for many hours the beads will move around. Letters and numbers available for letter beads.
hidden-message-candles-australia  personalised-gifts
The candle is enclosed in a personalised box with a card letting the recipient know there is a hidden message inside their candle - light me to reveal!