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DIY Flower Ponds


- Buckets or flower pots (3 sizes - we used 28cm, 26cm, 20cm)
- Refresher spray or fragrant oil.
Oil Burner or wax melt warmer (tealight or electric)
- Matches or lighter (if using oil burner)
- Tea light candle (if using oil burner)
Wax (soy melts) 
- Water
- 12 large flowers, 7 small flowers, 7 mini flowers (3 marshmallow protea, 7 ivory lola, 3 ivory raleigh, 7 light pink small raleigh, 7 light pink mini flowers). The number of flowers you use will depend on the size of buckets.

1. Choose your flowers and colour scheme. Here we have used Ivory, Light Pink and Marshmallow Pink. 
2. Place your flowers in a bucket or on cardboard. Fragrance your flowers using our refresher sprays or fragrant oils. (if you are dipping the whole flower in wax to last longer then you will not need to spray your flowers).
3. Light the tealight under your oil burner or turn on the electric wax melt burner. It will take approximately 20 minutes for the wax to melt. 
4. Hold the tip of the flowers and dip the bottoms into the hot wax and face the opposite way on a table. Repeat for all flowers. 
5. For an event you only need to dip the bottoms of the flowers, however if you would like the flowers to float longer then you will need to dip both sides. Dip the bottom and wait 2 minutes to dry then dip the top of the flowers.
6. Fill your buckets 3/4 with water.
7. Once all flowers are dipped in wax and dry, you can then place them into your buckets.