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Are you someone wanting to start a new company or have an event, and want to create your own custom made candles, flower name or home fragrance line?
From start to finish Angel Aromatics can make it happen; from sourcing the finest ingredients to make the unique fragrances, pouring the natural wax or fragrance into the containers and designing the labels.
Custom made candles and other home fragrance products are designed for retail stores, wholesalers, one time projects and promotional / event companies who want to start their own branded product line in candles and other home fragrance products. At Angel Aromatics we have an extensive range of formulas and offer numerous unique fragrances, and various products to match your company and branding.

All products are Made in Australia, Paraben Free, Not Tested on Animals and Vegan Friendly. We will constantly communicate and work with you in creating your own custom made candles and home fragrance line at wholesale prices.

Custom made candles and home fragrance products (your own line of candles, aromatherapy oils, air freshener/ home sprays or diffusers) allows you to start your own branded product line without the hassles and time constraints of manufacturing the products, as Angel Aromatics will manufacture the product, apply the labels, and ship the parcel to you.

Flower Names and Letters

Flower names can be made in any size, colour and fragrance of your choice.  As a guide the SARAH name photographed above is 60cm in height and each letter costs $100, this is as a finished product and fragranced. Or we offer 20cm wooden letters with flowers and fragranced for $20 each.

How does Custom Made work?

Angel Aromatics is an Australian wholesale Manufacturer of high quality custom made candles, air refresher / home sprays, balsa wood flowers, aromatherapy oils and reed diffusers. Custom made products allows retailers to use our products with their own branding. We apply each product with a safety label and either an artwork provided by you, or we can source and design any artworks needed to suit your branding. The labels can then be customised to suit your brand name with your brand colours.

There is a minimum order value of $5000 (no minimum on Flower names), there is no minimum quantities required per product or fragrance and products are able to be mixed in the order. This minimum order value is the first invoice value and includes the items and any custom packaging or labels required. Repeat orders have no minimum order value.

Why choose Angel Aromatics custom made candles and home fragrance products?

Established since 1993, Angel Aromatics is a trusted Australian manufacturer of unique, high quality, home fragrance products.

Our products are Australian Made, Paraben Free, Vegan Friendly and Not Tested on Animals.

Offer a great range of custom made candles and home fragrance products.

Offer over 100 different fragrances and 10 stock fragrances.

We are flexible, we can supply our products with or without packaging. 

Our quality of supply is reliable and consistent. 

Packaging for custom made candles and home fragrance products

  • We can create your label for you or we are able to work with your provided artwork.
  • Optional: Able to provide boxes for the diffuser sets and large/small glass candles.
  • We supply the jars for the candles, however we are able to work with your provided containers.

Products available for custom made candles, flower names and home fragrance products:

  • Flower Names
  • Pillar candles  
  • Large glass candles 
  • Small glass candles
  • Soy Melts
  • Aromatherapy Oils - 15ml
  • Aromatherapy Oils - Large
  • Reed Diffuser Set
  • Diffuser Refills
  • Air Freshener / Home Sprays
  • Refresher Sprays
  • Packaged items for resell, promotion and give-away

Contact us today for further details and we will guide you through the entire process.