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Angel Aromatics - Australian Made Home Fragrances  

Why should I choose Angel Aromatics?

At Angel Aromatics, we pride ourselves on quality products and service. We make products that customers love to buy. 

We are constantly developing new products, opportunities and innovations to change the fragrance status quo. So, why choose us?

Australian Made Home Fragrances Australian Made, High Quality Products – Angel Aromatics is an Australian Made and Australian Owned company. We pride ourselves on producing only the highest quality fragrances. In fact, our products are so well made that our entire staff is addicted to using them! Each product is nurtured, tested and loved by our staff before it is released. When you believe in a product this much, it shows. That’s why we are so certain that your store will be proud to stock our products.
Proven experience and Service - We sold our first fragrance in 1993 and have supplied over 3000 stores since then. We value our customers above all else and welcome any feedback you have.
Long Lasting, Eco-friendly products - All our curls are made using sustainable, renewable timber. Want more proof? We recycle paper and turn off our lights when not in use - we care about our environment. Even our boxes are recycled. Because our products are made locally in Sydney, the concentrated fragrances you received will be fresh, and remain so for a long time.
Positive word of mouth from loyal customers - over 50% of our clients are derived from word of mouth referrals and recommendations. Many of our customers have been with us since we first started in 1993. In fact, our signature product Annan® even has its own cult following.
Innovation that challenges the status quo - When Angel Aromatics began in 1993; it was founded with the belief that every new product was created to fill a need. For example, our fragrant balls, which are as large as on orange but as light as a feather, were designed to decorate bowls on your dining table. We continue to push the envelope when it comes to new product design.
Reliability and consistency - Our quality of supply is reliable and consistent. You will not be let down with late deliveries or faulty products as we are the actual manufacturer. It is understood that the quality of the products you sell in your store reflects not just on the product maker (us) but also on your reputation. We use quality control measure to ensure the best quality products. Also, when you place your order on our secure Adobe platform website, you can rest easy that your information is safe.
Flexibility and super speedy delivery – Angel Aromatic products are made to order so we have the unique ability to change colours, prepare fragrances and shorten the time between creation and delivery upon request. Order quantities are extremely flexible as well. Your store is unique and you can be sure we have a product line to fit your needs.