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Angel Aromatics - Australian Made Home Fragrances  

What is the difference between...

What is the difference between Essential and Fragrant Oils?

* Essential oils are true essences extracted from plants, seeds, roots and then refined into a pure oil. Each varies in price and they are generally expensive.

* Fragrant Oils are like Perfume - a blend of scents. Angel Fragrant Oils are concentrated but affordable (a single price).

What is the difference in strengths?

Strongest Scent - Fragrant Oils
Angel Concentrated Fragrant oils are the premium (100%) version of the fragrance and are the highest quality & strength. They are available in a 15ml or 100ml size.

Fragrant Flowers, Balls, Curls, Potpourri and Botanicals on leaving our factory are scented with these concentrated oils to ensure a very long lasting scent life.
All our fragrant products below use a % of our concentrated fragrant oils in them.

Strong Scent - Refresher Sprays, Home Sprays, Soy Wax Melts, Soy Wax Candles
Refresher Sprays are an affordable pump spray specially formulated to refresh, revive and give an instant fragrance boost to our angel flower, curls and pot pourri.
Home Sprays are a trigger mist spray designed to diffuse a scent into your home. They are triple scented and very long lasting. They are an organic mix of water and alcohol.
Soy melts are triple scented soy wax with a high percentage of fragrance. When burning in an oil burner they omit a strong scent for up to 70 hours. (The fragrance can be topped up with concentrated fragrant oils).
Soy Wax Candles are triple scented natural candles with a very high percentage of fragrance. They are available in Travel Tins, Large Glass, Small Glass, Tumbler and Decorative cups.

Medium Scent - Pillar Candles, Diffusers
Pillar Candles are made using a natural wax and can be used to refill our popular large glass candles.
Diffuser Sets & Refills are formulated for the fragrance to go up the reeds, and diffuse into the air. They are designed as a long lasting fragrance. For a stronger fragrance, turn the reeds regularly and replace the reeds after 3 months (or once dusty). Or for a more delicate fragrance, simply use fewer reeds.

Light Scent - Linen Sprays, Soaps
Soaps are natural based and designed to treat your skin and your nose, with moisturising Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter and a delicate fragrant finish.
Linen Sprays are a fine mist spray designed to diffuse a light scent into your room or used as a linen spray. They are a light water based fragrance and come in a clear plastic bottle.