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Is "Annan" exclusive to Angel Aromatics? What is it?

Yes it is! Annan® fragrance has been trademarked and registered and is exclusive to Angel Aromatics.

Annan® was one of our first scents released over 20 years ago.

Annan® is a fragrance like no other - think delicious and addictive. Something warm and inviting. Annan is a mix we created that was named after Mrs Annan. A lovely lady we knew that was first to smell it. (We hadn't thought of a name for it and she loved it so it just seemed appropriate to call it after her).

Annan® was originally only available as the fragrance on the timber flowers and in small 15ml bottles. It is now available also on the fragrant timber angel curls, on many different fragrant shapes, room spray, soap, refresher spray, candles, soy wax melts, scented sachets and reed diffusers.