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Angel Aromatics - Australian Made Home Fragrances  

How long will the fragrance last?

The fragrance on our scented products (flowers, balls, curls) is designed to last 3 to 6 months.

Our fragrances are just like perfumes. If you wear a perfume in the sun all day it will be very strong but will not last long. If you are in a cool, dry area then your perfume will last a lot longer.

Bottled concentrated oils will last for approximately 10 years (in the brown amber glass bottles). Our concentrated fragrances are just like a wine - they will get deeper, thicker and stronger with age. It can discolour (a darker amber colour) however this will not affect the fragrance. 

Fragrances will last longer if kept in a cool dry area.

For tips on refragrancing our products please see How do I refragrance your products?