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Angel Aromatics - Australian Made Home Fragrances  

How do I refragrance your products?

That's easy - just use our fragrant oils or refresher sprays.

To use oils

Place a few drops of the corresponding Angel Aromatics fragrant oil onto the product. If you are refragrancing our flowers, shapes or pods, evenly sprinkle a few drops over the product. To refragrance the curls (or pot pourri), place them in a small bag, pour evenly in some oil and shake the bag to distribute. You can also place the oil straight into a small spray bottle and lightly spray the products or..

To use refresher sprays:

These are so much easier! Loved by retailers, customers and our staff. Just spray the product evenly with the fragrance spray to reinvigorate the products fragrance. Retailers - we recommend refreshing the fragrances on flowers and curls every Saturday to reinvigorate the fragrance and increase sales. You can even spray the flowers as the customer is buying them to give the customer extra fragrance - which they love. Customers - we use the sprays at home to refresh the fragrances every time we have guests. Just spray the products as your guests ring the buzzer and they will be sure to comment on your lovely smelling home.

Please be careful when re-fragrancing not to get the fragrance onto other surfaces (e.g polished surfaces, soft furnishings and furniture).

Which fragrance should I use?

That really depends on how well you can still smell the original fragrance and what was originally on the product.

  1. If you can faintly smell the original scent, go with the same or a similiar fragrance (e.g Sweet (use Annan, Coconut or Vanilla), Fresh (Beach), Woody (Kisha), Musky (Oriental) or Floral (Antique Rose).
  2. If you can moderately still smell the original scent, it is best to use the same fragrance. (If you are unsure which scent, please contact the store you purchased the product from or contact us with the product name, approximate date and store location).
  3. However never fear, if you do use something a bit different, as long as it's in a similiar fragrance then it will still be fine.
  4. And if you want to completely change the fragrance - to help the fragrance go quicker place the products in a warm environment or near air-conditioning. Once the scent is no longer visible you can refragrance them in any other angel scent.