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Does Bulk Pricing apply to multiple fragrances?

Bulk pricing for different items of the product type

Yes for many items - please order the item listed as "Mix" (e.g Mix - Large Glass Candles). A special instructions box where you can enter the exact mix is displayed under the item page (click on the image to view the item page).

We also have "Starter Packs" available which is a set mix of the top sellers. 

Bulk pricing for different fragrances of the one item

When you order an 'item' that has a range of fragrances in the drop down menu, bulk pricing will apply. e.g. The Ivory Raleigh flower has a 50 pack price and a 200 pack price. If you order 50 in Annan fragrance, 50 in Lavender and 100 in Vanilla, the system on checkout will realise you are ordering 200 combined (50+50+100) and apply the 200 pricing.

A product is a single item when it has it's own product code / own product page - e.g Ivory Raleigh is code 1180 and has it's own page here.