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Angel Aromatics - Australian Made Home Fragrances  

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Angel Aromatics Soy Wax Candles

Classic, decadent and memorable, Angel Aromatics candles are Australian made and hand poured using soy wax, natural lead-free cotton wicks and only the highest quality triple scented, paraben free, vegan friendly fragrances and essential oils.

There are numerous benefits to burning soy candles. Soy candles have a cleaner and cooler burn which means no soot, longer burning time and soy candles are a renewable resource and non-toxic.

Triple scented with the highest quality Australian made fragrances

All Angel Aromatics fragrances are made in Australia and have been for over 20 years. Each fragrance is 100% concentrated and premium high quality. All our fragrances are a pure blend of natural essential oils and fragrances. Each fragrance is Paraben Free, Vegan Friendly and Not tested on Animals. Angel Aromatics specialises in offering complex triple scented fragrances - every one layers base, middle and top notes. These fragrance notes are “played” and exposed one at a time. 


How to Burn Your Angel Aromatics Candle

We want you to get the utmost enjoyment out of your candle. Please follow these safety instructions before burning;

  • Position your Angel Aromatics candle on a secure, level, heat resistant surface away from drafts
  • Keep away from things that catch fire such as curtains, soft furnishings and other flammable items
  • Keep away from children or pets
  • Never leave your burning Angel Aromatics candle unattended
  • Never move a burning candle. Ensure candle is extinguished, wax is solid and jar is cold before handling
  • Do not use lid to extinguish the candle.
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    Burning Instructions


    1. For the first burn, allow the wax to burn until the melted wax reaches the edge of the glass before blowing it out. Soy wax has a memory, so if you burn it for a short time and create a small wax pool, it will generally only burn in that pool moving forward.

    2. Always try to burn your Angel Aromatics candle for approximately an hour (or until the pool reaches the glass), then it will always burn flat.

    3. Always trim the wick on your candle to 5mm in length before lighting to reduce black carbon residue

    4. Double wicked candles like Angel Aromatics Large Glass Candles require both wicks to be burning at the same time and must be trimmed to the same length.

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    5. Stop burning your Angel Aromatics candle when there is 5mm of wax at the bottom of the jar. The jar can then be cleaned of remaining wax and re-used as a small vase or handy container in the bathroom.

    6. Do not burn an Angel Aromatics candle until the liquid wax gets too deep (approximately 12mm) and wait until the wax solidifies before relighting.

    7. To extinguish your Angel Aromatics candle flame, use a candle snuffer or blow gently on the flame.

    8. Enjoy the stunning scents and fragrances that Angel Aromatics candles have to offer.

    Nothing beats burning a heavenly scented candle like Angle Aromatics candles!